Tower Leases

Capital Telecom To build a new tower

The town council of Clarkdale Arizona has approved a conditional-use permit for Capital Telecom to build a new tower.  The permit will allow Capital Telecom to construct a new 65 foot tower near Foothills Terrrace Subdivision.

The council met with backlash from residents over the approval of the conditional-use permit.  It was explained to residents that council approval is required for new construction once a gap in coverage is proven. The council hired its own experts to verify Capital Telecom’s findings that a gap in coverage existed. A nearby tower in Cottonwood was presented as an example for the new tower, but residents and the council agreed that the disguised tree was not an improvement aesthetically over a standard tower.

An additional unknown wireless carrier can co-locate below Verizon’s equipment on the tower.

In this example, the council went against resident opposition to green light a new tower.