Cell Tower Leases and Getting Informed

What Are Cell Tower Leases

When cell phone companies and cell tower companies need to place their tower, then they need to find land to do so. Since companies cannot just buy all the land they can possibly buy, they enter into leases with people who do own land. When a landowner enters into a cell tower lease with a cell phone company, then they are entering into a lease.

How To Obtain A Lease

Landowners usually do not have to do a whole lot in order to obtain a lease. Some landowners may contact mobile carriers, but the chances are very slim that the company will enter into a lease with the landowner. This is because there are a lot of hurdles that need to be cleared before a tower can be built. This is why landowners are usually contacted first by a mobile company. Once a company has contacted the landowner, they will discuss the terms and conditions, and then the landowner will have to sign the lease.

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Why Do People Get A Lease
People who own land will usually get a lease for a tower because they are able to make money on a monthly or yearly basis. Some companies will just pay a person in a lump sum payment that covers the entire duration of the lease.

Many people wonder how much money can they make when they sign a lease, and the answer to this question is it depends. There are a few things that play a role in how much money a person will be paid, but they can expect to be paid around $800-$2000 per month. Sometimes people make far more than that.

How Long Are The Leases For
If a person is offered them a lease, then they can expect the lease to be a long-term lease. Most leases are good for 15-30 years. Some leases be a bit longer or shorter than this, but it all depends on how long the cellular company wishes to have a tower on the land for.

Questions A Person Should Ask
A person should be prepared to ask a few questions. The first question that a person should be asking is how much money they will be paid and how often will they be paid? They should also ask the company how long the lease is and if they can make changes to the lease in the future. Some companies may not allow any changes to a lease, which means that the landowner is left with no options and have no choice but to stick with the conditions of the contract. These are the most important questions that should be asked.

What To Do When Contacted By A Cell Phone Company Although it may be tempted to just sign the lease as soon as possible, this is not a good idea. When a person is contacted by a company looking to build a tower on their land, then they should get some professional advice from source that knows all about leases.

The best thing to do is to contact David Espinosa at towerleases.com for a free consultation. David has a lot of experience dealing with companies and landowners who have a lease.

David can provide advice to people who have been contacted by a cellular company. Some people may already be in a lease and they need advice on how to modify the terms and conditions of the lease, and David can help with that too.

Contact David Espinosa today and book a free consultation. The sooner a person contacts David, the sooner they will be able to move forward.