Tower Leases

Common Strategies for Lease Buyouts

Landowners with current leases are frequently contacted by 3rd parties with offers to purchase their leases, with a cell tower lease buyout. The frequency of those contacts borders on telemarketing and can be extremely frustrating if not frightening to deal with. 

You will likely be offered single lump sum payments in exchange for a release from artificially created conditions that seemingly demand your sale of the lease. You’ll get the full gamut of sales pitches, but to what end? And what can you expect?

They will suggest your primary carrier may soon be consolidating. They will suggest your primary carrier plans on terminating their lease. They may even suggest your tower may soon be obsolete.

Rest assured that you would not be contacted if your lease didn’t have value. Let us assess that value for you before you accept any terms offered by third parties.  We can provide you with strategies for lease buyouts that meet your needs as a landowner. Be patient and resolute. We can help you make the right decision for your investment. We can help by providing a strategy that highlights what cell tower companies look for.