Tower Leases

Developing a New Cell Tower

We receive frequent requests from individuals inquiring about developing a new cell tower on their property.  When construction can be completed for as little as $70,000 and carriers are willing to pay more than $1,700 monthly, the curiousity is understandable.

Building might not be the best option for you.  There are countless towers across the country with no tenants.  Potential builders will generally want possible tenants lined up prior to construction. Once in place, and before building, ask the following questions.

– Has a competetive analysis been done of reasonably close structures been factored?

– Have you determined how easy it would be for a competetive structure?

– Do those same restrictions prevent you from building?

– Does your new construction open you up to new liability?

All of this due diligence must be done prior to any agreements, and those agreements should be subjected to equally strict review by your attorney and checked against industry standards.