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Factors Determining Cell Phone Tower Lease Rates – What Tower Companies Are Looking For

Cell tower leases provide great opportunities for land owners to obtain a secure and regular income, but if you are one of the property holders currently looking for such an opportunity and you would like to make the most of your agreement with a wireless provider, you need to know a few things about how cell phone tower lease rates are determined. Cell phone companies are permanently developing their infrastructure and they are permanently looking for territories to buy or to rent in order to be able to improve their services and to grow, but they evaluate the territories available based on a number of criteria.

Cell phone companies often focus on a certain geographical region or a specific type of property, so before you set out to find a wireless carrier to lease your land to, you must become familiar with what they are looking for in the first place. In what follows, we would like to present a few of the major factors that influence cell phone tower lease rates.

Average Lease Rates in Your Region

One of the factors that will determine the rates a wireless carrier is willing to pay you largely depends on the value of your land based on the average price of land in your area.


Cell phone tower lease rates vary depending on the physical properties of the territories and their availability. If wireless providers need to build a tower in a certain area, but very few of the properties available have the physical features they are looking for, the price you can charge will be much higher. Ground elevation is one of the important factors that can influence lease rates for obvious reasons: if your land is higher than others, the cell phone tower constructed on that land will be cheaper for the cell phone company, as it does not need to be as high as a tower built on lower land.

 The Distance between Your Property and Cell Towers in Your Region

Power towers need to be located at a certain distance from one another, so if the next cell phone tower is too close to your property, tower companies might not be interested in your land.

Accessibility, Infrastructure and Constructability

Tower companies need access to infrastructure while building a new facility. They need to transport an extensive amount of building materials to the site, which means that they need road connections, access to electric power, water and telephone, so the easier these services are available from your land, the higher the cell phone tower lease rates offered by the tower company. If there is no cell phone service available in your area, it means that cell tower companies avoid your region, so it is unlikely to strike up interest.

The above aspects are just a few of the factors that determine lease rates. If there is a cell phone company interested in your land, it is highly recommended to contact a site acquisition and leasing specialist to find out more about the terms that should be included in your lease agreement, as well as about how to negotiate with tower companies. If you contact us, we can explain you everything you need to know about these negotiations so that you can ask the right questions and get the most favorable cell phone lease rates possible.