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Considering a Landmark Dividend Cell Tower Buyout Offer?

Landmark Dividend is a revenue stream buyout company focused on buying revenue streams from cell towers and billboards for as cheap as they can. Their salespeople operate nationwide and they are compensated by how low you are willing to sell your revenue stream.

What is our goal at ?

We have been successfully negotiating against Landmark Dividend cell tower buyout offers for years and our clients are extremely happy when we get them tens of thousands or even $100K more for their lease buyout.

In order to get a fair market price, you should get your lease properly evaluated by us. We Offer a Landmark Dividend Cell Tower Buyout Second Opinion

For well over the past decade, there has been an established buyout market for cellular leases.  If you decide to take a lump sum payment, you are making a decision which will have an impact for decades.  You must be very careful with your decision or it will cost you more than just money.  We have been evaluating cellular assets for over 15-years and offer a free consultation to all Landowners who hold a current cellular lease.

Regardless of your business experience and background, these are very unique assets and demand attention or you are setting yourself up for a costly error.

Why Tower Leases Should Review Your Landmark Dividend Buyout Offer.

Always remember, Landmark’s goals lay directly opposite from yours.  You want to get the most money and the best terms while they want to pay the lease money and give the worst terms.  We remove all of that.  Landowners are vulnerable, because they are not cell tower lease or buyout experts. The best possible way to get the transaction you are looking for is to have us evaluate it.

At Tower Leases, we are experts in the field of cell tower buyouts and leases. We have helped thousands of landowners secure the best possible deals over the last 15-years. Our experience and expertise is put to use helping every property owner to strategically get the highest possible cell tower buyout offers. To do this, we offer a free 30-minute consultation.

You have zero risk in letting us see if there’s more that can be done to protect your property, rights, and to negotiate a high cell tower buyout rate. We are the leading experts in the field of cell tower buyouts and leases. We review your unique situation in depth to ensure that everything has been taken into consideration.

We put our expertise and experience to use helping you to:

Better understand and evaluate your Landmark Dividend tower lease buyout offer, including to determine if it’s a fair market offer.

Help you evaluate and understand their Stock unit exchange program they offer or the series of payment option (installment sale).​
We are going to peel back the onion and tell you what they can and cannot do with the offer they have presented.

Command the highest valuations and best terms for the Landowner. We have always increased offers for Landowners in the tens of thousands and more.

Remove the stress and pressure of feeling that you are being pressured to move forward into taking a cell tower buyout offer before you have had a chance to properly evaluate the transaction.

Why Have at Your Side?