How to Lease Your Property to Cell Tower Companies

How to Lease Your Property to Cell Tower Companies

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Though the cell tower industry is in continuous expansion and cell tower companies are permanently looking for new land to expand their activity on, obtaining a cell tower lease is a complicated and difficult process. Are you one of the land owners who have been wondering how to get a cell tower on your property? Here is a list of the main factors that determine the success of such an endeavor.


Factors that Determine the Value of Your Property

However attractive it may seem to obtain safe and regular revenue by leasing your property to one of these companies, you must be aware that less than 4% of property owners actually manage to obtain such a lease and there are a number of factors that determine the value that your land or your building represents for cell tower companies.


The Distance between Your Property and Other Towers in the Region

The distribution of cell towers in a certain area is determined by very strict regulations. If there is no cell tower within a mile from your property, your chances to obtain a lease are quite good, but if the cell tower company you are interested in leasing your land to already owns a tower adjacent to your property, legal regulations usually give priority to existing towers. However, even in these cases, you may try to look for other cell tower companies that have no towers in your neighborhood and try to interest them in completing a lease contract with you.

Population and Infrastructure

Building a cell tower is a large-scale construction project. Consequently, if your property is located in a densely populated area with roads and infrastructure, it will probably be more desirable for cell tower operators than a patch of land in a remote, difficult to access area.

Location and Zoning

Your property may be more attractive to cell tower companies if it lays slightly higher than other properties in the neighborhood, for the simple reason that cell towers need to rise high to be able to transmit the waves efficiently and the higher the land they are built on, the more efficient the transmission.

You must also be aware that different counties and cities have different zoning regulations in effect. Before you approach any cell tower company to offer your land for leasing, you need to find out if your property complies with those regulations – information that you can obtain from your local community development or planning office.

If your property complies with all regulations regarding the type of lease you are looking for, you can continue by contacting one of the cell tower companies and submitting your proposal to them. You can do this either by getting in touch with the company’s legal office directly or by submitting your proposal online – the websites operated by cell tower operators usually offer the possibility to submit your land for leasing. If they are interested in your property, they will probably send out a team to evaluate it, and you can start negotiating the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

Completing lease contracts with cell tower companies can be a long and complicated process, but if the location of your land is good and you negotiate carefully, considering each and every small detail, your contract can generate a secure, monthly income for a long time to come.