Tower Leases

Market Conditions Look Good to REIT CEOs

At NAREIT’s Investor forum at REITWEEK 2015, Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, see continued demand for wireless capability that will encourage growth in the US for the forseeable future.

Crown Castle International Corp president and CEO acknoweldged that demand for data in 2014 grew by 60 percent. Industry analysts expect as much as a seven fold increase in that demand by 2019.  According to Moreland, his firms focus will be boosting organic growth with occupancy on towers around 50 percent.

American Tower President and CEO sees the US mobile market as “outstanding for companies …for the forseeable future.”

Both REITs currently see greater than 90% of their revenues from cell tower assets. REITs are looking to invest abroad in countries that operate under the rule of law, have a competitve mobile industry, and have at least 3 mobile providers.

Foreign or domestic, investments in cell towers aren’t predicted to slow in the forseeable future.