Tower Leases

Secrets Of Profitable Cell Tower Lease Buyouts

Discussing the cell tower lease buyouts could be a problem when the landlord and his attorney do not understand most of the telecom legalese. The problem with the negotiation processes is that it would be difficult to determine the current rate of the tower leasing. The lawyer may be an expert in legal matters and may have won landmark cases, but when it comes to the matters relating to wireless leasing he may be a novice. This requires the services of professionals.

The landlord requires a protection to get a profitable cell tower lease buyout. The special protection could only be guaranteed by someone who clearly understands telecom legalese. This is required mostly during the negotiation of the terms. If the negotiation is handled by an inexperienced person the landlord would feel unhappy and disappointed at the end of the day.

It is better to engage the services of leasing contractor or an agent. The wireless carrier companies pay their site acquisition agents or contractors high commission when they execute tower leases at a lower price. This means that the contractor earns more money when the wireless phone companies pay less. This is the reason the landlord must be cautious before signing any lease agreement. He should look for a company that would protect his interest. He should be in a position to maximize profit from his property.

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Lease agents use different ploys to deceive the landlord to giving out his property at cheap prices. They are often presented with the fear that the site may no longer be needed. Based on this fear the landlord could agree to their terms.

The truth is that the cell phone business is expanding and not decreasing. Wireless cell company sites would continue to expand to provide adequate coverage for their expanding customers. If the site is to become obsolete they would not have come to the leasing agreement in the first place.

The landlord should be selective in negotiating with leasing firms. His interests are better protected when he is discussing with a reputable and professional company performing the leasing business. Landlords could consult David Espinosa or He is going to offer buyout deals that would be favorable in the long run. It is proper that the lease agreement be evaluated and reviewed from time to time.

A reputable leasing manager would guide the landlord into making a decent income from his property. This is possible because they know the secrets of lease buyouts. The landlord would learn that leasing to a company providing the type of service is a good investment. With all the secret information about the workings of leasing to companies, the landlord would ensure that he protects his interests any time the need arises.

However, the landlord must understand that certain factors determine the type of income he would make from the business. The location of the site is important. The location would actually help determine the value. The credit worthiness of the landlord could play a role in determining the type of money he could make from the investment.