Tower Leases

Sprint Contacted You About a Lease

What should you do if Sprint contacted you about a lease? An owner of a cell tower or property under review for cell tower construction is likely to be optimistic about being contacted by a major carrier. If you have been contacted by Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint, you can expect each company to operate differently and play by different rules.

As with calls from any carrier, the first step is determining the value of your property. We can aid you in determining the value based on industry standards to properly set reasonable expectations before an offer is made. Beyond the initial valuation, our experience with the major carriers can lend credence to offers on the table while providing you a realistic goal to work toward.

When a formal offer is made, we highly recommend the offer is reviewed by an attorney or an industry expert. Carrier tendencies may lean toward co-location, outright purchase of the land, or even inclusion of clauses that may not be beneficial to the owner.

We encourage you to call on the years of experience we can offer before you accept any offer made by AT&T on your cell tower or property.