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What Is a Cell Tower Contract Buyout & How Could It Benefit You?

So you have a cell tower on your land, your lease term will end in 10 or 25 years. Maybe the company convinced you to sign a lease similar to the one signed by the Muncie Community Schools in Indiana. Their cell tower terms extended for 99 years with yearly earnings of almost 17,000 dollars.

The schools believed they got the short end of the deal with that lease. In 2015, their CFO said they were considering a cell tower buyout. Are you in the same tough spot?

If so, have you considered a cell tower contract buyout? You might’ve heard about it but, don’t know what it means.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. We’ll tell you all about what is a cell tower buyout and how it can be your best option.

Keep reading to put all your cell tower contract buyout worries to rest.

You Signed a Bad Cell Tower Deal: Now What?

Did you get the short end on your cell tower lease? Believe it or not, you don’t have to get stuck with a bad deal because you didn’t ask the right questions about your lease rates. A buyout can help you get the most out of the wrong lease.

So what’s a cell tower contract buyout? A buyout is when someone prepays a cell tower lease to the property owner. The company or person pays a lump sum in exchange for the rights to receive the rent from the carrier moving forward.

You might be thinking that by accepting the lump sum you’re selling your property. Yet, that’s far from the truth. A cell tower buyout doesn’t change the carrier’s rights or your property ownership.

Like any real estate deal, the terms of the buyout are established in a contract signed by the parties involves. To protect the rights of the parties, the contract is registered in the local land registry.

Is a Cell Tower Buyout the Right Call?

While you may be thinking twice about accepting a contract buyout, it might be your best option. But, only if you understand the real value of your lease.

Some of the factors that may influence your contract buyout are your lease terms, location, interest rates, wireless carriers, among others. It may be difficult for you to figure out the best buyout deal. Most of the time, the first buyout offer received isn’t your best deal.

It’s recommended that you consult a cell tower lease expert. A professional can help you negotiate and tell you more about the value of your lease.

The Bottom Line About Cell Tower Contract Buyouts

A cell tower contract buyout can help you get out of a bad deal. If you don’t see yourself owning the property until the end of your lease, a buyout can help you secure a lump sum of money. The key to getting the best cell tower contract buyout is understanding the value of your lease.

Yet, the first step to getting the best cell tower buyout deal is consulting an expert. Our expert can help you negotiate your buyout. Contact us and schedule your free consultation today get the most out of your bad cell tower deal.