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The Advantages of Having a Cell Phone Tower on Your Property

Who isn’t interested in making money without any effort at all? The next best thing to getting paid to watch Netflix, leasing a cell tower is a great way to earn passive income.

How does the process work? How much money can you make? And how do you get started?

Read on to learn more about the possibility of leasing a cell phone tower on your property and all the advantages it offers.

5. Better Coverage

You’ll enjoy a better signal on your mobile phone when you lease to the same cell company you use. Faster data and better call quality are great advantages to leasing, especially if you work from home.

Better coverage is only one of the benefits, though.

4. Less Downtime

If you’re a business, you’ll be able to get more work done. You have less downtime when you lease a tower, and this will drive your productivity way up.

This is also true if you work from home. Keeping up your workflow is easier with fewer interruptions in service.

3. No Investment

With most income-generating projects, you’re required to invest some capital before you start seeing profits. Yet a cell tower lease means no start-up costs for you.

You’ll start making money right away when you lease your property for a cell tower.

2. Blend With the Landscape

If you’re worried about the visual pollution that cell towers create, you needn’t worry. Concealed towers hide the utilitarian aesthetic of a cell tower.

By disguising a tower as a tree, or even using an existing tree, companies keep the beautiful landscape and boost the signal for their customers. Their creativity is your gain because you can keep the horizon you’re used to and make money by hosting a tower.

1. Best Advantage to A Cell Phone Tower On Your Property

The best advantage to hosting a cell tower at home is the extra income. You can make monthly fees, and possible long-term rental charges, if you continue to renew the lease.

The wide range of possible rates for hosting a cell tower on your property has many factors. The location of your property is one.

Where you are can affect the quality of the signal companies get from locating a tower on your land.

How much you can charge to lease a cell tower also depends on the landscape around you. If there are lots of obstacles to a signal, like mountains and hills, you won’t get a great offer.

Cell phone companies will have to put up more towers in that area, so they won’t be able to pay as much per tower.

Your property may have zoning problems with a cell tower, including height and appearance. If they have to keep their towers shorter because of zoning, companies won’t pay as much.

You can make anywhere from $10 a month to thousands, depending on the advantages and location of your property. Find out how much you could be making when you talk to one of our experts.

Ready to Lease

These are all great benefits you get when you lease to a cell company — better coverage, less downtime, no investment, and blending with the landscape. The best advantage, though, is the extra income.

If you want to make a passive income without any effort, a cell phone tower is a great way to do that.

Contact us today for a free consultation for homeowners and landlords. We can help you negotiate your lease and make the most from the rental.