Verizon cell tower lease agreements & rates in 2018

Verizon contacted you about a lease for what may be a variety of reasons.  They may be interested in leasing your property for new construction or installation on a rooftop. If you have existing equipment, they may want to add new utilities or equipment to your structure. Perhaps they are looking for your approval on a third party sublease.  They may simply want to modify an existing lease.

Regardless of the reason, you can be sure that the benefits to Verizon will come first in the contract.  Verizon didn’t get where it is by acting in the best interests of land or structure owners. Verizon contracts are labyrinths of legalese and confusing verbiage designed to suit their needs first.  We encourage any land owner to consult with us, or his or her attorney to make sense of your new contract.

How To Get The Best Verizon Cell Phone Tower Lease Rates!

We will help you decipher what is a cryptic contract by design. We will review and propose amendments that function in your benefit. As an objective third party, we can help you understand how the contract will impact your property for the future. As your advocate, we will advise how to modify the terms and structure of the Verizon contract  to increase the value of your property. At the very least, we can help you determine the value of your property.