cellular tower land lease

Why to Schedule a Free Cellular Tower Land Lease Review

Binding documents are intimidating, and not everyone is straightforward as they should be. 

With just one signature, you could make some of the hardest mistakes of your life. With that same signature, you could also be creating some of the best opportunities of your life. It’s a thin line to walk.

If your property contains a cell tower, you’ll want to look into a cellular tower land lease review. A thorough review can prevent many issues from arising and allow things to run smoothly between landlord and tenant.

Make sure to keep reading below if you have a cell tower on your property and need a lease review. A lease review allows you to make the best decisions for yourself.

Know Your Worth

Plenty of variables are taken into account for the price of rent for a cell tower. It depends on things such as local competition, cost of construction, ease of access in case of construction, and ideal location. 

Make sure you are charging reasonable rent, not too high or low. Also know that even if you charge extremely high rent, you may not profit over a long period of time. High rent can cause the tenant to get out as soon as the opportunity arises.

One of your goals as the landlord is to create opportunity for tenants to stay. Being an honest and reasonable makes you look like an awesome landlord. If you have questions about tower lease rates, don’t hesitate to ask a professional.

Know the Potential Future

A cell tower lease review will inform you of future possibilities. Tenants may have plans for construction on your site, and you need to be prepared!

If they do plan construction, think about all that it brings. It brings noise, large construction equipment, traffic, and many more disturbances. While construction can bring new and greater opportunities, it can also do some harm.

Be sure that before you sign, you’ve looked everything over, understand the terms for the future, and have accepted what could happen.

Other Things to Consider

The list of things to consider as a landlord almost seems endless, another reason to have a cell tower lease review. You need to consider things like lease duration and the amount of land being leased.

Presenting too long of a lease duration is a risky move, especially if the carrier experiences a drop in business. Too short of a lease can leave you with almost no profit.

As far as the amount of land being leased, carriers often ask for incredibly too much. Once they get plenty of land from you, they have full control of that land for many years. Make sure you aren’t giving up too much of your precious property.

Schedule a Cellular Tower Land Lease Review

Before you take any further steps if you have a cell tower on your property, set up a cellular tower land lease review now. A second pair of eyes with plenty of knowledge can save you from a world of trouble. 

In a lease, you should consider length of lease, size of land being leased, and future possibilities. Make sure you understand all terms and conditions before signing your name.

If you have questions about cell tower land leases, check out the rest of our site and contact us for a free consultation.